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Bison Motorsports - Carbon Short Velocity Stack Kit for EFI/CV - Black/Black Aluminum

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Upgrade the look for your Sportster with one of our carbon steel velocity stack kits. This kit comes complete with everything you need to bolt-on a velocity stack to your motorcycle. 

We set out to fabricate a velocity stack that not only looks good but actually functions, and by that we mean sucks air into your carburetor. So who knows more about airflow and aerodynamics than an aircraft engineer. So we hired one of the best in our opinion in Southern California to help us fabricate just the right amount of bend and size to give maximum airflow to your carburetor. So not only do you get a velocity stack that doesn't cover up your entire engine, you get one that was engineered to provide you with the best performance. 

Carbon steel velocity stack comes with custom push-in stainless steel screen filter to keep the big stuff out of your carb. 

1.5" in height 

Give your bike that clean and custom look with the include precision made aluminum head breathers. These are hard black anodized with a 3 stage finish process and made right here in the USA. Features an aluminum screen. 

Included in the kit
Carbon Velocity Stack
Head Breather Bolts
Support Bracket
Gasket and hardware