Bob Marshall

American Road Runner The Book

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Man. Motorcycle. Road.
One man and his motorcycle competing in an illegal chopper road race across America: The Stampede. His home re-built 2 wheeled machine is a true ugly, unpopular style of chopper with no frills, chrome or shocks. He is running hard from west coast to east coast as fast as possible - without stopping. With middle age fast approaching, life has taken a hard turn with his Wife divorcing him, Children scattering, a new younger Girlfriend and, a Mistress; all cloud his mind. Time in the saddle running on his own road is just what he needs to figure it all out, or leave it in the wind.
Winner takes all in this adventure as the competitors fight to the finish while this true story unfolds on the open roads, highways and interstates of America. Finding his own new road in life will prove to be one of the hardest tasks a man could ever conquer if he and his old chopped machine can make it all 3000 miles to the finish line.