LED Turn-signal Eliminator 5.75" Headlight

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The Grim LED TSE (Turn Signal Eliminator) Headlight is a stock OEM replacement for your standard 5.75" Harley Davidson headlight.  The Grim TSE headlight is pre-wired with turn signals inside the bucket so you can lose your stock turn signals.

  • DOT approved
  • Full time low-draw running light
  • Wide ratio super-bright LEDs provide excellent visibility even on the darkest Mexican Highways
  • Total of 15 diodes
  • Standard HD 3-prong plug easily installs in stock wiring
  • Kit includes wiring instructions for in-bucket turn signals

This headlight fits all bikes with a 5.75" headlight bucket:

  • All Sportster models
  • All Dyna models
  • FXR eye-brow style buckets require some creative wire relocation

About our headlights:  You can go to amazon and buy a $40 5.75" headlight all day long.  This is 4x the cost, and we know that, and we make no excuse for our prices. The difference between the $40 POS amazon light and our headlight is painfully obvious when comparing a cheap light to the Grim TSE headlight.  Our headlight is a good mid-quality light that is affordable, bright, and reliable.  We use Cree LED's to ensure consistent performance for the life of the unit.   Cheap LED's are notorious for failing at the most inconvenient times.  A replacement warranty on a cheap janky headlight is great and all, but you're still going to be stranded in the dark when the light fails. 

You're stupid to skimp on your lights.  Spend your money on quality.