FXR Strut Eliminator by Grim Parts Co

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I love my FXR. After 20 years and 100,000 miles on the same bike I’ve come to realize there are a few things that can be improved upon. The stock struts are one of them, so we came up with a way to make them better. Throw your stock FXR struts in the garbage and weld on these eliminators.

We include all pieces and hardware you need to install this guy.  This includes 2 struts, 2 slugs (for added strength) and all bungs to replace the stock bungs.  The replacement bungs we provide are threaded (for her pleasure) to allow you to mount your fender from the inside, install brackets, bag mounts, etc...

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from 1.250” dia. .120” wall 1020 DOM tubing and 1” .083 wall 1020 DOM they are a true extension of your frame.
  • Super strong, they make a great place to mount saddlebags and sissy bars.
  • 3/8”- 16 fully threaded lugs means you can get rid of the stock thru bolts and mount your fender from the inside. This allows you to easily bolt accessories on and off without having to jack up the bike for access.
  • Extra mount hole in the end for adding bungee nuts, turn signal mounts, etc.
  • Works great with our ADV bag brackets (order the brackets for use with the strut eliminators)
  • Clean, simple, and strong
  • #FXRstrutBgone

Full installation video