Bolt-in Fuel Filter for S&S Super G carb

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This filter installs directly into S&S Super G and Super E carburetors.


  • We are a small shop and do small runs.  We sell out frequently and this may be out of stock - backorders are usually caught up within 4-6 weeks.  Please check for current inventory.
  • This is a very simple install, but it does require some basic mechanical skill to properly install.  IF YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF PROPERLY INSTALLING THIS ITEM, PLEASE HAVE A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN DO THE INSTALL. 

Check for new pics and full install instructions. 

The patented Grim Fuel Filter installs directly into the float bowl and replaces the float needle seat on the S&S Super G and E carb. This design eliminates the placement of an inline filter between cylinders, preventing vaporlock and keeping fuel temperatures low.

The top of the filter is 1/2-20 threaded and creates a seamless integration into your carburetor.  This screw-in filter allows you to run a fuel filter with your S&S Type E or G carburetor on your Harley Davidson, eliminating the need to find a place to install an in-line fuel filter.  CNC machined from solid brass for a beautiful custom finish.  The inside of the filter is fitted with a 3/8 extension socket slot that makes install and removal of the screw-in filter simple, and the filter housing is sealed with Viton o-rings. The filter element is a 10 micron pleated, stainless steel, washable, lifetime reusable filter is aviation grade and flows at 6 GPM ensuring plenty of fuel delivery.

US Patent # 62/917,425