Bolt-in Fuel Filter for S&S Super E carb

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This filter installs directly into S&S Super E & G carburetors. 

The patented Grim Fuel Filter installs directly into the float bowl and replaces the float needle seat on the S&S Super E or G carb. This design eliminates the placement of an inline filter between cylinders, preventing vaporlock and keeping fuel temperatures low.

The top of the filter is 1/2-20 threaded and creates a seamless integration into your carburetor.  This screw-in filter allows you to run a fuel filter with your S&S Type E or G carburetor on your Harley Davidson, eliminating the need to find a place to install an in-line fuel filter.  CNC machined from solid brass for a beautiful custom finish.  The inside of the filter is fitted with a 3/8 extension socket slot that makes install and removal of the screw-in filter simple, and the filter housing is sealed with Viton o-rings. The filter element is a 10 micron pleated, stainless steel, washable, lifetime reusable filter is aviation grade and flows at 6 GPM ensuring plenty of fuel delivery.

US Patent # 62/917,425