Eric Greenfield's Smooth Operator

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Eric Greenfield's Smooth Operator

Article and Photos by Charlie Weisel

Eric Greenfield might be one of the most enthusiastic chopper builders I’ve ever met, hands down. Enthusiasm emitted in a way that is contagious, in a good way, and with the know-how and creativity to back up that enthusiasm, his bikes are something to stop and take notice of. His last build certainly got my attention when I spotted this unassuming, humble, and friendly guy roll into a party and casually park his shovelhead-powered work of art.

I immediately went over to have a look and was more than impressed. After doing some digging I found photos of a long bike he had built which immediately won my heart. Needless to say that when Eric reached out about photographing his new knucklehead chopper, appropriately named Smooth Operator, I certainly wasn’t going to say no.

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